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Inspiring individuals with knowledge or interest in physical health and mental wellness share their insights and stories with Health Research Policy. Together with our team, they encourage healthy living through contributed articles. Our goal is to empower readers to live better lives by living better. You too can be part of this growing family; we welcome your contributions! Through your writing, you can share your wisdom with the world and help us spread awareness on the importance of health and nutrition.

Guidelines for Contributors

Health and wellness are the core of our platform. We cover medical research, nutrition, mental wellness, and the environment. We encourage contributors to familiarize themselves with our content and see how their writing style suits ours. Also, keep the following in mind: • Length: the minimum word count is 800 words • Originality: we encourage unique posts. Submitted posts must not have been published on other online platforms • Sources: always mention sources for statistics and other health claims or studies Are you ready to share your ideas? Contact us and be part of our team.
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