Understanding The Risk Of Repeated C-Section Deliveries

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The number of C-section deliveries across the globe is growing but the good news is that a majority of babies born this way are healthy and safe. Although stats go in favor of C-sections, still you cannot brush off the risks of the procedure. While some of the risks involved are natural, others relate to the errors and negligence of the doctors, as it happens in any major surgical procedure. More importantly, the risk gets higher with repeated procedures. Therefore, it becomes important to understand these risks and know your legal rights if something goes wrong during the procedure.

Common risks related to repeated C-section deliveries

Typically, each repeat procedure gets more complicated than the last one. Here are the dangers that women who undergo repeated surgeries encounter:

Scar tissue: Also known as adhesions, these clumps of tissues may develop on the uterus after each surgery. Moreover, the ones from the previous deliveries can complicate the current one. Scarring can get potentially dangerous, leading to complications as serious as infertility or death.

Heavy bleeding: Another major peril associated with repeated Caesareans is that of heavy bleeding. In extreme cases, it can be life-threatening and a hysterectomy is the only option left. The risk of bleeding gets significantly higher with every subsequent C-section delivery.

Placenta risks: As you have repeated Caesareans, there is a likelihood of the placenta implanting itself too deeply into the uterine wall. It may even cover the cervix opening partially or completely, which is a serious complication.

Bowel and bladder injuries: The probability of a bowel or bladder injury also increases with repeated surgeries because adhesions bind these organs to the uterus.

Apart from these risks, there is always a risk of infection which comes with all types of surgical procedures.

C-section errors and birth injuries

Generally speaking, delay in C-section can result in a birth injury to the baby, while a surgical error can cause permanent damage to the mother, child, or both. It is the responsibility of the doctors to warn expecting mothers about these risks. Apart from that, they also need to inform about the risks that increase with multiple procedures. If you happen to suffer due to this breach of responsibility or any other reason, you can hire a medical negligence attorney to claim compensation from the doctor. The compensation covers the injuries to the mother and the baby due to the operative errors and post-operative complications. Additionally, any complication caused by an inappropriate amount of anesthesia or an allergic reaction to it is also to be considered.

Liability for medical negligence

There isn’t a way to predict how the mother and child will fare after each delivery. But there are some errors that can make a doctor liable for malpractice. As a patient, you need to be well aware of them. These include:

  • Failure to advise about the risks of C-section and repeat procedures
  • Failure to provide proper treatment to the mother and child after the procedure
  • Not considering a C-section if vaginal delivery poses a threat to the mother or child
  • Failure to prevent the transmission of infections during the surgery
  • Negligent delivery that causes injuries to the mother or child

It is best to choose your gynecologist with great care because their skill and experience can make all the difference, particularly when it comes to C-section deliveries. At the same time, you should be aware of your legal rights in case you have an unfortunate experience.

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