Reasons You Should See An Orthodontist And Not A Dentist

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For a common patient, it is easy to get confused between orthodontists and dentists because both address problems related to your teeth. But there is a difference that you must absolutely know to understand when you need orthodontic treatment and not a regular dental checkup. Common dental issues such as cavities, toothache, gum problems and extractions are best looked after by dentists while complicated issues related to straightening crooked teeth and smile correction require special skills. Besides these basics, here are certain facts that can help decide why you should see an orthodontist rather than a dentist.

Orthodontists are specialists

The expertise of orthodontists extends beyond the regular skill of dentists because they study a specialized stream after completing their education from the dental college. Additionally, they work on orthodontic conditions as a part of their practice. They treat complicated issues such as misaligned teeth, crowded teeth, underbite, overbite and crossbite, to name just a few. With such specific skills and experience, they are qualified to treat these conditions and you must absolutely visit them rather than a dentist when you want to address any of these.

Get it done once and perfectly

Orthodontic treatment is complicated because it aims to craft a healthy bite along with an attractive smile. There is much work involved, beyond just correcting the positioning of your teeth. The orthodontic specialist has to work on the gums, upper and lower jaws and facial muscles as well for ensuring that you may chew, bite and speak properly. Such a complicated process needs to be handled by someone with the right skills and dexterity and you can trust only a specialist to do it once and perfectly right for the first time.

Identify the root of the problem

Teeth problems can be confusing, which is the reason why you must rely only on an expert. An Orthodontist can identify the root of the problem and suggest the best possible treatment plan right from the first visit. Most of the orthodontic procedures are time-taking and getting them done correctly determines the kind of results and timelines you can expect. So it definitely makes sense to visit a specialist right at the start rather than waste your time on a treatment that won’t really work.

Beyond your teeth

An orthodontic condition is not only associated with problems in biting and chewing but can have a considerable impact on your facial profile and general appearance as well. The role of an orthodontist goes beyond just medical treatment but becomes vital from the cosmetic perspective as well. These professionals take a holistic approach to treatment that covers the correction of your teeth as well as appearance. Getting proper treatment from them, therefore, can have a far-reaching influence on your confidence levels as well.

Orthodontics treatments are popular for young and old alike. Whatever your problem may be, a specialist can devise a treatment plan that really works and gets your best results with the minimum span of time.

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