Other Uses for Beauty Treatments You Might Not Know

Beauty Treatments

A lot of treatments are famous for beauty reasons and battling aging, but they have other purposes that medical professionals use other than the advertised aesthetic uses they have. Here are some treatments that have different purposes you may not know.

  • Juvederm for scarring

Juvederm injections are known for battling wrinkles and lines for faces. Clinics in Salt Lake City offer them to help both patients who have deep depressions in their faces as well as those who want to have plumper lips.

However, dermatologists have also used them to treat deep scarring. Cases have been chronicled in the U.S. Library of Medicine, showing how traumatic depressed scars are corrected by using hyaluronic acid fillers. These studies make the injections a good alternative for people who want to get rid of their scars but don’t want to get surgery.

A particular case was able to fix the scar with just two sessions, making it a viable and simple procedure with the filler injections taking only a short while with no downtime.

  • Botox for sweating

Botulism is usually known for merely being a cosmetic procedure for those who want to combat the physical effects of aging. However, it is also an effective method for stopping excessive sweating.

Because botox targets the nerves that produce sweat, it helps the glands cool themselves and not be hyperactive. A lot of people have hyperhidrosis, which is a condition that makes your sweat glands work extra even if you’re not in hot temperatures or exerting much physical effort. This condition reaches a point where even the strongest antiperspirants are not useful anymore. This condition can be uncomfortable and even detrimental for those who suffer from it, so having a botox injection can target the hot spots in a non-invasive way that lasts a long time before you have to get a follow-up.

girl apllying cream on her face

  • Glutathione for respiratory issues

Glutathione is found in a lot of beauty products and treatments where they advertise it to improve the glow of your skin. It is also the subject of debate because it is famous as the primary activator for skin whitening methods.

However, glutathione is useful in a plethora of procedures that can help your body, whether through pills or injection. One of its uses is for major respiratory issues. It is ingested via inhalation in treatments for lung disease and pulmonary or cystic fibrosis.

  • Chemical peels for melasma

Chemical peels are usually known for being used as acne treatment and combating fine lines from sun damage and aging. That said, they are useful for women suffering from melasma as well.

Those undergoing pregnancy or taking birth control pills can develop these dark and irregular patches throughout their skin. An active form of treatment for this is getting a peel, with the number of times necessary based on the dermatologist’s assessment of your condition.

Learning about the different uses of beauty treatments can help you hit two birds with one stone, making you feel good aesthetically while improving your wellbeing. You can find procedures that can help out a friend or yourself in the future.

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