Ejaculation Problems And Fertility – Is There A Reason To Worry?

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Infertility is a bane that plagues millions of people across the globe. It can bring a great deal of emotional suffering for couples, while many of them have to bear social stigma as well. The reasons for infertility vary from couple to couple- it may be attributed to male or female issues or combined infertility, where both the partners have a problem to deal with. One of the common reasons for male infertility is ejaculation problems. Seemingly, it is a minor issue but it can prevent a couple from conceiving, even if the number or quality of sperm is good enough. So the implications can be more serious than you think. Hence, it becomes important to understand what ejaculation issues are and how they can affect your fertility. Let us explain in detail.

Ejaculation problems

Essentially, ejaculation is the mechanism that facilitates the passage of semen through the penis during sexual intercourse so that it can reach the egg and lead to natural conception. However, things are not as simple as they sound because there can be various issues that can have this mechanism going wrong and result in infertility issues in couples. Obviously, it becomes important to understand what may be going wrong in your case so that you can start with the right kind of treatment. Here are the most common types of ejaculation problems which couples struggling with infertility encounter.

Delayed ejaculation

As the name suggests, delayed ejaculation refers to the condition when a man is unable to ejaculate even after an extended period of sexual stimulation. The reasons may vary from psychological issues to hormonal ones, birth defects, excessive alcohol consumption, infections, or use of certain medications. Luckily, this condition can be addressed through counseling if the cause is psychological in nature. On the other hand, medications can resolve the other problems.

Premature ejaculation

Exactly the opposite of delayed ejaculation is the problem of premature one. It happens when a man ejaculates too quickly and is more common than you may think. The condition is not a serious concern from the fertility perspective but can lower the quality of sexual experience and cause performance pressure as well. The reason can be as simple as sexual inexperience or heightened sensitivity while it may also happen due to psychological factors. When it comes to addressing the issue, you can go through the article Edging Technique For Premature Ejaculation: 5 Simple Steps to see how the start-and-stop technique works. Further, there are options like squeeze method, prescription drugs and psychological therapies to help.

Retrograde ejaculation

The more problematic form that can impact your fertility to a significant extent is retrograde ejaculation. In this condition, the semen goes backward and gets released in the bladder rather than reaching out of the penis. This happens due to a dysfunction in the muscles in the bladder area. The condition is usually a result of a surgery, often prostate surgery, or nerve damage caused by conditions such as diabetes and multiple sclerosis. Men using medications for prostate enlargement, hypertension, and depression are also likely to experience retrograde ejaculation as a side effect. Although the condition is not life-threatening, it can make you infertile due to the obvious reasons. The best way to achieve pregnancy is by assisted techniques such as in vitro fertilization (IVF) and intrauterine insemination (IUI).


Another serious form of ejaculation problem is anejaculation, which is the inability to ejaculate even after normal sexual stimulation. While it may happen in certain circumstances for some men, others may never be able to ejaculate. Anejaculation is attributed to surgical procedures, the use of certain medications, and damage to the nervous system. Stress and psychological factors are responsible for situational anejaculation. Even though it can be a barrier to fertility, you need not lose hope because you may still be producing enough of healthy sperms. You can conceive with a combined treatment of sperm retrieval and IVF or IUI, as the specialist recommends.

Basically, issues related to ejaculation are more mechanical rather than medical in nature. As long as you are capable of producing healthy sperms in adequate quantities, you can still conceive through assisted techniques. In some cases, you don’t even have to opt for them because they can be quite expensive. Counseling, exercises, and medications can go a long way in helping the timing-related problems, such as ones involving delayed or premature ejaculation. It is all about taking the right treatment approach and seeing a specialist who can help and you will probably be able to conquer infertility without much trouble.

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