Do Supplements For Men Actually Work?

Vitamins and supplements are a multibillion-dollar industry. It’s no surprise that these companies have a huge budget to promote their vitamins and convince people that they need to take them.

Do we though? Do any of them actually work? Well, some do and some don’t. And in most cases, even the ones that do work are not necessary.

Usually, you can eat a balanced diet and get most of what the supplements claim to provide anyway. For everything else, there are pharmaceuticals that are perfectly safe to use.

In this article, we will go over several supplements and let you know if you should be taking them.

Testosterone boosters or “natural” Viagra

Though there are plenty of vitamins that do boost testosterone, many of the supplements on the shelves will do nothing to treat your low testosterone. Herbal supplements like Yohimbe literally do nothing.

And “natural” Viagra is also a waste of money. They all will increase your blood flow but none will work like Viagra to get the blood to your penis enough to cause an erection. Though there are drug interactions to be aware of and some side effects, it is perfectly safe. There are a lot of misconceptions and these Viagra myths only help to sell more useless supplements.

Hair loss

Sorry to say but there are no supplements that will help you grow your hair back. There are some that may make your hair grow in thicker but you can’t grow hair where there is no root to grow.

This is probably one of the biggest selling types of supplements for men and literally does nothing. Male pattern baldness can only be reversed with Minoxidil and even then it won’t grow all of your hair back.

Instead, you can try for a non-surgical method like laser treatments or just accept the fact that you’re balding and move on.

Vitamin D

Ok, this one actually works depending on how you need it. Vitamin D will actually help boost your testosterone and can improve other aspects of your health, like reduced risk of Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s.

Yet, you really don’t need a supplement. Getting 15 minutes of sun per day is free and provides enjoyment that taking a supplement won’t achieve.

Your mood improves when you get sunlight and that is a nice bonus in addition to the benefits of getting Vitamin D.


Though studies have shown that there may be something behind the use of antioxidants in beating free radicals in your cells, there is no evidence that supplements work.

Instead, your diet should be providing the antioxidants that you need. Eat lots of berries like blueberries and acai to load up on antioxidants and enjoy the taste that you will never get from a pill.


This one also does work. Zinc is a great way to shorten a cold if you take it regularly. It is also a mineral that has been shown to help your testosterone levels if you have a low libido.

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