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Managing Your Health in Old Age: 3 Signs You Can’t Ignore

How do you keep the balance between being paranoid and acting when your body tells you something’s wrong? You don’t want to cry wolf too many times. When the day comes that you really need assistance, friends and family may not take you seriously. This balance gets even more difficult to manage when you get

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Reducing Stress by Improving Your Sleep

Everyone suffers from stress, but not all stress is bad. For example, working under pressure may result in improved work performance or passing an exam with a better grade. Short bursts of stress teach you to identify your weaknesses and improve on them, manage your emotions, and motivate you to develop your skills. It is

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Posture Brace: The Way to Self-Confidence

Your posture can say a lot about you. Good body posture signifies confidence. Having a straight position in a conversation shows interest in the topic and that you value what people in the group are saying. Unfortunately, poor posture indicates a lack of self-esteem. With exercise-based activities, you can fix your old posture. But, if

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5 Common dental health myths you shouldn’t believe

Everyone wishes to have that perfect smile, but when it drills down to dental health, there are a lot of misconceptions everywhere. With people currently relying heavily on search engines for answers, it is becoming tough to differentiate facts from fiction when it comes to maintaining your dental health. The mouth is a vital opening

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Causes of Hernia: Are you at risk?

A hernia can happen to anyone, irrespective of age. For instance, some types of hernia occur even among babies below the age of one. However, these types of hernia might get eradicated automatically as the child continues to grow. Still, the most common types of hernia are the ones that occur to men and women

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Glutathione & All You Need to Know About It

Glutathione is a type of antioxidant that is present in animals, plants, some archaea, and bacteria. It has the ability to prevent damage caused by free radicals, heavy metal, lipid peroxides, and peroxides. Although the human body is capable of producing its own glutathione, the production is affected by several factors like bad diet, toxins,

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Ovarian Cancer – How Much You Know So Far?

Ovarian cancer ranks 5th among the causes leading to death among women. In fact, ovarian cancer is responsible for more deaths than any other reproductive system cancer. 1 out of 78 women is at the risk of getting ovarian cancer during her lifetime. According to the American Cancer Society, in 2020, around 21,750 women will

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Children and Dental Anxiety: Helping Little Ones Overcome Their Fear

Today’s the big day. You’re finally taking your child to their dentists for the very first time. However, something looks amiss. Your little one clearly isn’t looking forward to it as much as you are. They’re trembling and showing signs of fear and anxiety about the thought of having to sit on a dental chair

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All You Need to Know About Sustainable Activewear

We all know about the benefits of staying healthy through exercising. However, everyone knows that when companies are producing anything, it also has to take extra care to ensure that it is environmentally friendly so that it can be easily recycled and used again. However, the good news is that the world is becoming more

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Ten Things to Know About Dental Implants

A smile is a simple yet powerful tool that we have at our hand which at the right place and at the right time has the power to achieve results which are no less than miracles. From personal progress to career success to physical needs, it can fulfill all these things and much more. People

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