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Effects of Both Fears

Rational vs. Irrational Fear: Determining the Effects of Both Fears

Fear is very common, and anyone who says they aren’t afraid of anything are probably lying to you or to themselves. I’m afraid of frogs. Seeing pictures of them make me shudder and seeing one near me can make me panic. I’m also afraid of failing. I’ve built a reputation for being successful in school

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Medical Phobias: What You Need to Know About Agoraphobia

There are rational fears, and then there are irrational phobias. A rational fear is being afraid of something the presents real danger. Being afraid of dying in an airplane while riding an extremely turbulent flight is a rational fear because there’s the threat of danger in front of you. On the other hand, an irrational

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What is Schizophrenia? A Simplified Look at One of America’s Silent Diseases

Schizophrenia can strike at any point in a person’s life, although it most often occurs during early adulthood, manifesting in strange behaviours and various other symptoms. While it’s relatively rare for children and older adults to develop schizophrenia, it isn’t unheard of. Unfortunately, the rate of diagnoses for new cases of schizophrenia dramatically increases during

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Woman laying down in the beach under the sunlight

The Dark Secrets of UV Protection

The sun offers people so many benefits. Its radiant energy sustains human, animal, and plant life. It is a rich source of vitamin D, which is a crucial component in bone health and other biological processes that keep our bodies healthy. Sunshine is also an effective bacteria killer. Exposure to daylight rids an object or

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Elderly feeling back pain

The Need to Minimize Musculoskeletal Disorders

Businesses that operate HVAC and steel fabrication shops need to invest in tools and equipment such as Baileigh bead rollers if they wish to solve one of the growing workplace problems: musculoskeletal disorders. What Are Musculoskeletal Disorders? Musculoskeletal disorders are injuries or health conditions that affect the skeletal system such as the joints, bones, and

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Man checking hair at the mirror

Non-surgical Methods to Prevent Hair Loss

The inevitability of going bald can be a crushing reality for most people. Surgery and hair implants can remedy the situation, but it comes with its own risks, and the costs can be astronomical. However, there are ways to address hair loss without breaking the bank or putting yourself under the knife. Laser Therapy It

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Low Blood Pressure

The Cause and Effects of Low Blood Pressure on Your Body

When it comes to your health, being within the average range is a good thing. From the number of red blood cells you have, to your body weight, to the amount of bacteria you have in any part of your body at any given time, down to your blood pressure. A lot of adults know

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Living with a Family Member Diagnosed with Schizoid Personality Disorder

When a family member contracts a disease or physical condition, their loved ones adjust and try to make their afflicted family member feel safe and comfortable as they try to cope with their condition. Unfortunately, the stigma of mental health means that a lot of people diagnosed with a mental disorder have their condition brushed

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dentist holding her nose and patient with open mouth

Let’s Have the Talk: 4 Reasons You Have Bad Breath

Bad breath is one of those problems people are too embarrassed to talk about. Not only because it’s an unpleasant issue, but also because its leading cause is poor dental habits. Who would want to admit that they’re slacking off on tooth brushing, right? But, here’s the thing — even if you do have the

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