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Self-love as Your Greatest Armor

Insecurities can plague the normal, full-functioning adult – whether it’s messing up at work; witnessing a colleague or contemporary achieving all the expected milestones in life; or carrying a negative self-image that has been around since childhood. This is all seldom talked about, yet are all very normal parts of a person’s struggles and journey.

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How Weighted Blankets Work and Who Should Use Them?

Are you having trouble sleeping? Do you suffer from anxiety or stress that affects your sleep patterns? Or perhaps you have a child that does not sleep well? Sleep is essential to good health, and we all need several hours a night, so what can you do if you have problems getting to sleep or

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Top 5 Superfoods To Have During Winter

Wintertime is a season a lot of people look forward to. The cooler temperatures provide respite from the warmer months of the year. The cold climate can also bring about seasonal allergies and illnesses like the flu. To help keep yourself healthy during winter, here are 5 of the best superfoods you can keep handy:

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How to Protect Children During the Corona Virus Outbreak

The novel Coronavirus brought so many changes into our lives, especially for seniors who are at risk the most. But in all that chaos, no one talks enough about the youngest ones, who, fortunately, seem to be the safest group because they don’t tend to develop severe symptoms of this virus. Kindergartens and schools are

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alcohol abuse

Underage Drinking and Drug Abuse Risk Factors and Consequences

If you are a parent of a teenager or young adult, you are well aware of the pressures they face daily. With social media influence, peer pressure, and generalized feelings of wanting to “fit in,” young people may engage in potentially dangerous activities. Perhaps the most dangerous of these activities is experimenting with drinking and

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Female having her hair curled

Rebuilding a Better Self: Reasons Makeovers are Important

The word “makeover” is associated with many things: style, fashion, and vanity. But it is not always like that. For many, a makeover is an essential aspect of their lives. It is a symbol of change, rebirth, and rebuilding’s oneself. It is not just done out of whim. A lot of people have deeper and

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7 Recommendations for Buying Probiotic Supplements

By now, most health-conscious people know what probiotics are, and they may take some form of them. However, do you know how to choose a good supplement for your needs? If you’re not sure how to select probiotics, this information could help you. Avoid Buying Commercial Probiotics When you’re shopping for something as delicate as

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diastisis recti

How to Fix Diastasis Recti: 4 Non-Invasive Tips

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful phases of a woman’s life. The soft tummy kicks from the baby and being treated like a delicate porcelain bowl are some of the beautiful pregnancy experiences women enjoy. But while great, pregnancy is not all sunshine and rainbows. During these nine months, your body undergoes immense changes,

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A Simple Checklist For Taking Care of Your Health

The importance of your health cannot be stressed enough. As we grow older, we appreciate more and more how a healthy body increases vitality and zest for life and plays such a large role in affecting our moods for the better. Conversely, a body that doesn’t cooperate isn’t functioning at a hundred percent, and carries

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