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woman rubbing her calves

Why are Women More Likely to Develop Varicose Veins?

Women are more likely to develop varicose veins for many reasons. Despite the fact that it is fairly common and affects 20 percent of the adult population, the number of people suffering from varicose or spider veins is mostly attributed to women. Varicose and spider veins affect 70 percent of women and only 40 percent

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5 Good Reasons To Mix Up Your Workouts

People often follow workout routines as a habit, sticking to a routine day after day and month after month. It sounds easy to follow a routine, from going to the gym at the same time to picking the same exercises and working out with the same trainer. However, it may not be the best thing

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How to Prepare Your Body, Mind, and Spirit for a Summer Getaway

Summer is one of the favorite seasons of most people. The sunny weather gives everyone the chance to enjoy the beach and stay outdoor. In fact, many people take their summer preparation seriously. But have you ever thought of preparing not only your body but your mind and spirit as well? A lot of people

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Dental Hygiene and Health

Common dental problems and their prevention: Here are the ways

Nearly 35% of young children and 60% of adolescents in Texas have cavities. 50% of the adults in Texas above the age of 30 and 70% above the age of 65 years have gum disease. Approximately 13% of Texas adults do not have any natural teeth. Keeping up with healthy teeth is a lifelong commitment.

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dental x-ray

Dental Emergencies You Can’t Postpone or Ignore

Many people ignore their dental health for various reasons. However, according to oral health experts, you should visit your dentist every six months. The visit can help the dentist discover problems that could become severe if left unattended for extended periods. Experts mention that you should never ignore dental emergencies as their after-effects might not

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man at the dentist

Root Canal: How Long Does it Take?

Dental health is an important facet of your well-being. However, addressing even common mental dental problems has attained a reputation of being painful or unpleasant. And few dental surgeries have attained as much infamy as the root canal. When people think of unpleasant experiences at a dentist’s clinic, the root canal always finds its way

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Small dog

Underbites: What Causes Them and How to Treat Them

Your mouth and teeth are some of the most important focal points on your face, only eclipsed by your eyes. It’s only natural that you should be aware of common mouth conditions that can affect their health and appearance. One of the most common conditions that can negatively impact not just your looks but also

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man touching his chin

Cleft Chin: What Causes it and Can You Remove It?

Superhero movies have been the rage for the past decade and when you think about your standard male superhero, they nearly always have the same characteristics: well-defined musculature built by whey protein and cleft chins. Just like dimples, having a chin cleft is generally considered to be attractive. But what do you know about cleft

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Finding the Best Physiotherapist for Your Needs

Finding a physiotherapist to soothe you back to health regardless of your condition is not difficult at all! Just like other health experts, physiotherapy has numerous disciplines that are governed by accurate standards of work. Those working in the profession need to be well educated and declared certified to practice. For these reasons, finding a

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