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What is Trigger Finger?

Listed in medical texts in 1850, the trigger finger has been around a long time. Many people believe the name comes from the Old West or someone who has fast reflexes, but really the condition is named for the popping sound your finger makes. People have been working hard with their hands from farming and

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How Does a Testosterone Booster Work?

Testosterone is a hormone associated with muscle mass, libido, and strength gains, which are all highly important factors to being a man. However, this is only a part of what testosterone is responsible for, as it can impact everything from bone health to mood and memory. It is also a deciding factor when it comes

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How to Treat Dupuytren’s Contracture in the Early Stages

Have you ever imagined yourself in a situation where the only thing your hand feels is pain? The layers of skin and tissue in your hand grows tighter and tighter with each week, a finger or two is bent out of proportion, and at the moment, all you know is unbearable discomfort.  This condition is

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How Essential Oils Can Help Your Workouts Naturally

Essential oils are either snake oil or a miracle cure-all depending on who you ask. The truth is somewhere in between of course. Some of the wilder claims are likely exaggerated. They can’t do everything, but there is a lot that they can actually help with. One of these things that work is to give

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Why It Is Difficult to Diagnose Some Disorders

A doctor can usually tell what disorder his or her patient is struggling with – all it takes is a few tests. However, in some cases, the diagnosis is not obvious, and despite consulting a few professionals, the patient still doesn’t know what is going on with their body. While it is not the most

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Can Quarantine Stress Cause Sleep Problems?

Sleep disorders may be related to abnormal sleep duration or chronic insomnia. It is a serious clinical problem that affects the daily functioning of patients, sometimes preventing them from carrying out regular life activity. The SARS-CoV-2 virus-induced COVID-19 pandemic series was also the beginning of low mood and increased stress in some people. Not only

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4 Modern Alternatives to Traditional Braces

If the very thought of having metal attached to your teeth gives you goosebumps, then it may be the time to consider some other options for correcting that crooked smile. Metal braces are one of the most common ways to straighten your teeth, but there are many more ways to correct them. With improved technology

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Mini Fitness Trampolines and Other Effective Health Improvement Tips

The importance of healthy living cannot be underestimated. Research has shown, time and again, that maintaining good health leads to longevity. It also minimizes trips to the hospital and improves the quality of life. Mini Fitness Trampolines To remain healthy, engaging in fitness is imperative. Mini fitness trampolines offer a simple and fun way of

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Tips to Overcome Disability and Becoming Productive

At times, we take the most important things for granted without realizing the difference it can make. Some people do not have essential things like walking, learning, talking, hearing, and seeing because of disabilities. Usually, it happens because of an accident or trauma, but congenital disabilities sometimes turn into disabilities. Either way, adjusting to life

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Natural Ways To Get An Incredibly Glistening Smile

White and bright teeth are the best ornaments for your smile. Nothing can better enhance your facial aesthetics then wearing a beautiful and glistening smile. However, keeping your teeth bright and white always may seem like a difficult task. There may have been several instances when you would have dismayed looking into the mirror, because

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