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Recommended Supplements for Every Woman’s Life Stage

Women may require less or more of certain nutrients, depending on what stage they are in and given their age. As we age, however, we may not be able to sustain a healthy diet due to problems with chewing, lack of appetite, difficulty finding healthy food, or limited budgets. Supplements can fill in the gaps

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child obesity

Combating Childhood Obesity – What You Can Do as Parents

As a parent you have responsibilities. You have obligations to your children to look after them and make sure that they live the best life they possibly can. This means that you need to look after them in a responsible way. But unfortunately, as the obesity crisis has told us, this isn’t always the case.

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My ears are ringing- Home Remedies and Treatment for Tinnitus

One evening while I was driving back home, there was a weird buzz in my ear. I thought it was due to listening to music using the headphones without any break. I took out the headphones to give the ears some rest. I was not able to hear the horns also properly. I drove home

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Why Healthy and Nutritious Food is Beneficial for Your Health

Before figuring out why healthy foods are great for your health, it is important to understand and know what the ideal healthy food should consist of. The ideal healthy diet should consist of a lot of fruits and veggies, good fats and whole grains. To eat healthily also means that you have to avoid some

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10 Easy Ways To Improve Your Health

There are a lot of quick and simple ways you can improve your overall health. Sometimes having some basic exercise equipment like a weight bench or a pair of dumbbells can help but even they won’t always be needed. So, without further ado let’s look at 10 easy ways you can improve your health. Walk

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How Straightened Teeth Changed the Lives of Many

Having straight teeth is never just about flashing a perfect smile. It has proven to have many benefits, both aesthetically and medically. Orthodontic dentists have changed their ways over time, adapting many advanced and better methods to help patients achieve their most desired smile. Orthodontics go a long way from dreadfully terrifying dental tools to

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Effect of Hypersomnia on Your Body You Need to Know

The adage “too much of something is poisonous” applies to everything – even sleep. In a world where people can’t seem to get enough sleep, excess sleeping seems like a luxury. But, no – like insomnia, excessive sleeping is a sleep disorder. Clinically called hypersomnia, excessive sleeping poses health risks as damaging as those associated

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Skin Health Precautions and Glowing Skin Tips

The skin is the largest and most visible part of the human body. Keeping it radiant and healthy should, therefore, be a primary concern. However, some of the things we do put us against our own skins. Smoking and even exposing ourselves to the sun for long periods can cause our skin to dry and

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bone health

Food Supplements That Can Promote Good Teeth & Bones Health

It is inevitable that as age sets in, we begin to lose minerals from our bones causing them to become thin and brittle. Weak bones can cause rickets and in extreme cases osteoporosis. Calcium and vitamin D are the major requirements for healthy bone structures. Almost all the bones start losing minerals with the passing

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How to Tell if a Child Has Cystic Fibrosis

Many people have questions about what cystic fibrosis is. They’ve heard of it, but they’re not quite sure what it is or how to tell if someone has it. Here are some answers: About Cystic Fibrosis So, what is CF? Cystic fibrosis or CF is an inherited disorder that causes exocrine glands to behave abnormally.

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