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Space Maintainers: A Way To Healthy Oral Development

Your child’s teeth start appearing between 5 to 12 months. By the age of 3, they develop all twenty teeth. As a parent, you try to teach your children to maintain the health of the teeth. For this, you try to establish all the healthy habits such as brushing, gargling, rinsing your mouth, etc. But

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Hair Care: Prevent Hair Loss by Using These Tried and Tested Tips

For most of us, hair is a way of expressing our uniqueness, especially when it’s looking its best. Did you know that many people, irrespective of gender, feel a bad hair day is equivalent to a bad day? In fact, this deep relationship between hair and self-esteem is evident throughout history and religion. However, our

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Top 8 Most Common Dental Problems That Need Medical Attention

Learn the mantra – Oral Hygiene = Overall Health It’s a fact that nobody wants to sit on that dentist’s chair frequently, but when you have any dental issues make sure not to take it casually. Your oral health will help you in maintaining good overall health. From gum issues, receding gums, and cavities, your

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Medical Malpractice Cases: The Ultimate Challenge For A Legal Attorney

Unlike any other personal injury case, medical malpractice cases are more complex. Legal experts have different thoughts as to why it is so. However, there seems one justifiable answer to this question- medical practice is a challenging task. In other words, there are very few set-rules, for every treatment is different and so is every

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7 Damaging Myths About Rehab and Recovery

While the world has come a long way in destigmatizing mental health and addiction, there’s still a long way to go. Despite the progress we’ve made as a society, the media and widespread misconceptions about addiction and recovery continue to perpetuate damaging myths that deter people from seeking treatment.  If you or someone you love

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Snake Diet: Why Eating Like a Reptile is Dangerous to Your Health

Have you ever thought what it would be like to have the dietary habits of reptile? Well, now you won’t have to, thanks to an unproven dieting method called the Snake Diet. You may already be familiar with this dietary fad from people showcasing the effects of Snake Diet on YouTube or Instagram. But like

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Top-4 Benefits of Root Canal Treatment

The average cost of getting a root canal treatment in Huntington Beach on your front tooth ranges between $600 and $900, without insurance. You will need to pay between $700 and $1,000 for premolar root canal treatment. But how does a procedure like a root canal Huntington Beach, from experts, benefit patients? Do their benefits

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How To Overcome Depression: 7 Things You Can Do Now

Mental health is one of the determinants of a person’s well-being at every stage of life. According to the center for disease control in the United States, depression is the leading cause of disability in people aged between 15-44. The reality is that mental disorders exist internationally, and they have an immense impact on individuals

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Back To Work: How To Ensure Workplace Virus-Safety

Even as the world gets a step closer to resolving the COVID crisis with an effective vaccine, it is still far from over. The virus is still looming large, and people may get infected without the right precautions. Unless you have already had it or are vaccinated, you are at risk. But as life gets

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7 Often Ignored Health Tips That You Need to Follow

Taking care of one’s health seems to be but a buzz. Thus, the cycle of these mainstream health buffs, gurus, and fitness influencers goes on and on. The tedious work to be extra weary is important because not everything new is accurate. Or perhaps maybe you have been preoccupied with it already and have shoveled off and

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