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6 Benefits Of Giving Instructions To Your Answering Service

Today, an answering service is a part of managing a medical practice. The ideal answering service should match your medical practice goals and ideals. Making the most of an answering service requires giving them particular instructions. These guidelines are to guide the customer service agents on offering services that will meet your expectations. Here are

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Smart Ways to Keep Pace with the Patient Appointment Schedule

Patient appointment scheduling has become very important to ensure a steady workflow of physician practices. Various front desk technologies, apps and patient portal are helping physicians get the maximum advantage of their office of timings by smartly scheduling every available slot. However, canceled appointments and various other variables everyday interrupt that schedule, no matter what

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5 Possible Medical Solutions to Combat HIV

There exists no miracle cure for HIV. However, treatments like Truvada can control life-threatening HIV infection and allow people to live a healthy and happy life. Research indicates that the risk of kidney problems and renal failure increases among HIV positive patients taking Truvada drugs. The recent rise of Truvada kidney failure lawsuits has caused

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Research Chemicals: What You Need to Know

It’s no secret that technology is changing the way professionals in the medical field operate. The availability of research chemicals speaks to this statement. We’ve discussed our thoughts on online pharmacies in the past and we’ll be taking the online approach to a different topic. Today we’ll be discussing the online world of research chemicals.

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Are Dental X-rays Truly Safe?: Dental X-ray Procedures, Benefits and Safety

Dental x-ray is a commonly used method in medical procedures taken by dentists. Patients should, therefore, understand what dental x-rays entail and whether there are risks involved. In the 19th century, physicists developed an x-ray-visible-light machine that could penetrate through the human body and produce shadow images through electromagnetic radiation on a traditional film (or

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Redefining Physical Therapy with Gamification

Redefining Physical Therapy Patient experience and commitment are paramount to the rehabilitation process. Unfortunately, the road to recovery for patients going through physical therapy is a rocky one and goes uphill. It is human nature to give up when the body experiences physical pain. So it takes a heavy dose of motivation for an individual

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Top 3 Most Requested Cosmetic Procedures in Utah

It’s already 2019, yet some people still carry negative sentiments about plastic surgery. Even non-invasive treatments are considered as such once a person comes to the doctor for a little tweaking. Although the general notion about plastic surgery has come a long way since the time it was deemed as taboo; there are still those

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Things to Consider When Choosing a Care Management Software Solution

Senior care communities are adopting more and more technology. Assisted living facilities are increasingly switching from paper-based care planning processes to digital ones. There are a lot of digital care planning software providers, each one offering various features and functionality. So, how do you choose? Every senior care provider is unique and has its own

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Make Sure your Medical Answering Service Provider is Giving You These

If you are a healthcare service provider, then you are no stranger to the mounting paperwork that comes with patient records. Apart from handling the administrative part of your business, you are also required to ensure that your services are always the best. All these things together can put pressure on healthcare service providers who

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Oxygen Concentrators vs. CPAP Machines: Which is Right for You?

Oxygen concentrators and continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machines are commonly used as oxygen therapies by patients every day. While they do have similarities, these therapies provide very different functions that address different needs in patients. Before purchasing an oxygen concentrator or CPAP machine, consult with your doctor about whether you need purified supplemental oxygen,

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