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Ways to Prevent Sports Injuries

While regular exercise or playing sports is an excellent start to a healthier lifestyle, you need to take extra precautions to prevent injuries. This is why most athletes train with professional trainers. Some even have specialized coaches for cardio and body conditioning. Here are a few ways to get the most of your fitness program

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Children's Tooth Problems

A Look into Common Oral Problems That Affect Young Kids

Oral health and hygiene are two essential aspects of any person’s health, and especially that of children. Their unending craving for sweets, candies, and any other sugary snacks puts them at risk of developing oral diseases. Children’s mouths are very sensitive and are, therefore, highly susceptible to possible infections. Parents must then be alert to

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Dentist checking the child's teeth

Prepare Your Child for Their First Dental Checkup

Regular dental appointments are crucial to ensuring a child’s overall health. Parents ought to instill proper dental hygiene to their little ones from an early age. Visiting a dentist can be challenging for adults and scary for kids. Taking children to a dentist is difficult for many parents because most kids fear the hospital environment.

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dentist checking cavities on a child's teeth

Treatment Options for Gumline Cavities

Cavities are still the most common dental health issue. An estimated 85% of kids and adults currently suffer from various types of cavities in varying degrees. The cavities commonly form in the pits of your premolars and molars. They can also develop along the spaces between your teeth and even along your gumline. Gumline cavities

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Doctors at the operation room

Adson Forceps: Their Role in Delicate Tissue Manipulation During Surgery

Did you know that the number of surgical procedures that are performed in the United States has been progressively increasing over the past decade? According to the National Center for Health Statistics, approximately 48 million surgical procedures are done annually. Surgery has become the definitive treatment of choice in several health-related problems such as tumours,

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Lung xray photo

Imaging Modalities in the Field of Medicine

Diagnostic imaging plays a pivotal role in the evaluation and diagnosis of disease. Studies show that medical imaging has significantly contributed to the advancement of medicine through disease prevention and specialized treatment. Currently, several medical practitioners use adjunct imaging modalities to determine the cause of disease and confirm a diagnosis. Thus, it is crucial to

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Eating Disorders and its effects

Teenagers and Eating Disorders: Prevention and Healthy Eating Habits

During puberty, teenagers experience dramatic changes in their bodies. These changes affect the way they look at themselves and often become a cause of concern about their appearance. This concern, added to the overreaching societal standards of beauty, may lead to an eating disorder, the most common being anorexia nervosa and binge-eating disorder. While there is no

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Invisible braces in Barnsley: stealth straightening

There’s something rather laughable about grown adults wearing braces. Braces are forever associated with adolescence, with being a nerdy geek at the front of the class, of being rubbish at sports, of not being in any way cool or self-possessed. None of these are attributes that grown-up people in careers want to have associated with

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Woman having a dental treatment

Fix that failed bridge with dental implants in Barnsley

The trouble with bridges is that they break and when they break, people get left with an unsightly gap in their teeth and it can make it hard to eat and speak clearly. When a bridge fails, it’s often people’s first thought to get the damn thing fixed or get a new one, but there

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