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Relieving Stress: What Are The Natural Ways You Can Do?

What do you do to relieve stress? You cannot escape stress in this modern world. It’s something you have to live with. The good news is there are plenty of things you can do to relieve it. What Is Stress? Before discussing some proven and natural stress relief methods, it’s crucial to understand what stress

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Reasons You Should See An Orthodontist And Not A Dentist

For a common patient, it is easy to get confused between orthodontists and dentists because both address problems related to your teeth. But there is a difference that you must absolutely know to understand when you need orthodontic treatment and not a regular dental checkup. Common dental issues such as cavities, toothache, gum problems and

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How Cord Blood Banking Works

If you haven’t heard of it before, cord blood refers to the blood found in the umbilical cord and the placenta after delivery. Cord blood banking is another term growing popular in this domain.  It refers to the process of collecting and storing cord blood otherwise known as stem cell banking. Now, cord blood is

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How to Choose the Right Insoles for Flat Feet

The best insoles for optimum arch support are those that offer heel stabilization and a low but supportive arch. However, it can be tricky to find insoles that provide the perfect amount of arch support for people with flat feet. Here’s how you can choose the right insoles for your flat feet. 1. Find out

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Stomach Cancer – Symptoms, Diagnosis, & Treatment

Stomach cancer is characterized by an accumulation of abnormal cancerous cells within the inner lining of the stomach. It is difficult to diagnose stomach cancer as most as its symptoms don’t show in the earlier stages. According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, there are some medicines such as ranitidine with a brand-name drug

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Beauty Treatments

Other Uses for Beauty Treatments You Might Not Know

A lot of treatments are famous for beauty reasons and battling aging, but they have other purposes that medical professionals use other than the advertised aesthetic uses they have. Here are some treatments that have different purposes you may not know. Juvederm for scarring Juvederm injections are known for battling wrinkles and lines for faces.

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Can You Take Too Much Calcium? What are the Side Effects?

Like most vitamins and minerals, calcium plays an important role in keeping your body healthy. However, health problems often result from taking more than what your doctor recommends. What is Calcium? While most famous for helping you maintain strong bones and teeth, calcium is a mineral that helps your body carry out several vital functions.

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Do Supplements For Men Actually Work?

Vitamins and supplements are a multibillion-dollar industry. It’s no surprise that these companies have a huge budget to promote their vitamins and convince people that they need to take them. Do we though? Do any of them actually work? Well, some do and some don’t. And in most cases, even the ones that do work

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Children and Dental Anxiety: Helping Little Ones Overcome Their Fear

Today’s the big day. You’re finally taking your child to their dentists for the very first time. However, something looks amiss. Your little one clearly isn’t looking forward to it as much as you are. They’re trembling and showing signs of fear and anxiety about the thought of having to sit on a dental chair

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Treatment Options for Tooth Sensitivity in Kids

Sensitive teeth are, no doubt, a common issue in adults. Nowadays, however, more and more kids suffer from the same. Few kids can verbalize exactly what they are feeling when taking hot or cold foods, and most parents will, therefore, dismiss them as fussy eaters. Routine dental checkups are recommended to ensure issues like dental

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