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Bodybuilding 101: Everything You Need to Know About Avoiding Palumboism

Bodybuilding is a competitive sport, but it is not without its risks. Bodybuilders work to define and condition their muscles, with some so obsessed with getting into peak physical fitness that they end up becoming “mass monsters” or abusing anabolic steroids just to get a leg up. Done right, and any male or female bodybuilder

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man holding pee whilst experiencing pain in genital area

Is it Okay to Hold Your Pee?

A healthy adult bladder, studies suggest, can hold up to two cups or 16 ounces of urine before feeling the need to unload. The tiny receptors in the bladder wall deliver a signal to the brain when the bladder hits that amount, which then lets the body know much fluid is in there. Family clinics

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Keep Your Skin Smooth and Flawless

Many people can help but be envious of those rare individuals who manage to keep their skin smooth and flawless. With a little effort and dedication, you can keep your skin in great shape and join their ranks as well. You don’t need an elixir of youth to keep your skin looking lovely and beautiful.

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Supplements and Medicine

Supplements That Help Alleviate Back Pain

Whether you regard it as a mild inconvenience or a throbbing pain that requires immediate attention, nobody should have to deal with back pain. Unfortunately, most people opt for pain-relieving medications, which can be addictive. While medicine can occasionally be helpful, it is a bad habit to always grab something to numb your pain rather

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Woman consulting a doctor

Is Your Doctor A Specialist? That’s Very Important

A little more than often, you may face the need to have specialized medical attention from a medical practitioner. But, does your doctor have the requisite expertise and practice to handle your condition? Well, it is crucial that you focus on the basic principle of having a family doctor to keep yourself and your loved

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fatigued employee yawning

Is It Normal Fatigue or Something More Serious?

Everybody will feel fatigue at some point due to many different reasons. However, does lacking energy automatically mean that you will eventually develop chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS)? The answer is no. Take note that chronic fatigue syndrome is entirely different from normal fatigue. Put simply, an individual with CFS experiences fatigue that persists, while an

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a kid with her dentist

The Levels of Sedation in Pediatric Dentistry

For most kids, the image of a dental office involves pain and scary instruments. This is why they’re not so popular among the young ones, to the point that parents do all sorts of things to convince their children. While this was a common sight in the past, technology today has made dental care less

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Man on a wheelchair

Living With a Disability: How to Build a Fulfilling Life

A disability does not correlate to being unhealthy. But a person with a disability, whether it is a physical, mental or intellectual condition, needs better health care programs for the same reason as everyone else — to remain active and well and be a productive part of the community. People with disabilities should have health

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