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Effective Treatment of Chronic Sinusitis with Medical and Surgical Options

Of course, everybody wants a healthy life away from sickness, pain, and discomfort. We always wish we were strong and free from any type of illness. Unfortunately, that is not always the case and it doesn’t work for everyone. Sometimes, we experience pain and discomfort, which affect different aspects of our lives. Infections and other

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Chefs and Restaurants Reinventing Farm-to-Table Eating

Over the last few years, a new generation of chefs has been putting the spotlight on healthy, vegetarian meals. The goal is to make fresh, local, and seasonal produce the start of the show, prepared in a variety of ways, from simple to innovative. Farm-to-table cooking is the name of the game in these restaurants.

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Oral Health Check: 3 Habits That Hurt Your Teeth

A few habits you very well know cause damage to teeth: munching on candies now and then, skipping the toothbrush and missing dental appointments. What you don’t know is that there are a few other routines, which look harmless, but actually hurt your oral health. In fact, they appear so simple that you do them

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What to Do to Manage Pain After Root Canal

Patients who suffer from a persistent toothache or extremely sensitive tooth often need root canal treatment. It is a major operation that is usually done by a specialist in endodontics in Centennial. It involves deep cleaning of the inner chamber of the tooth, which can result in irritation of the surrounding gums and nerves. Although it can be

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Man on top of a mountain with forearm crutches

Types of Mobility Crutches

Most people only think of disability as congenital conditions that people grapple with. However, there are times when you might be disabled permanently or temporarily. Disabilities that affect your mobility are some of the most common problems worldwide. Other than congenital deformities that might cause disabilities, accidents and some medical conditions can affect your movement.

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Doctor on a clinical research

Clinical Research: Is it Safe and Should You Join One?

Medical research has been a major factor in the development of new treatments and cures for various diseases and conditions. In Miami, clinical research is progressing in multiple fields — especially in cases that involve the elderly. Of course, everything has its ups and downs, but modern safeguards ensure that risks and discomfort are minimized.

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Mouthguards: How It All Began

Mouthguards have always served the purpose of protecting your teeth in high impact sports, like boxing and football. As shares, mouthguards have been designed to absorb impact. Much like most inventions, the creation of this device is a result of necessity. Here’s a brief history on how mouthguards came to be. The Traditional Mouthguard

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What You Need to Know About Corrective Jaw Surgery

If you are having problems with your jaw or you are suffering from a facial injury, you might be advised to go through a corrective jaw surgery. Here are the things you need to know about this treatment procedure. What is it? Also referred to as orthognathic surgery, this procedure is done to correct irregularities of

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