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Clinical Research: Is it Safe and Should You Join One?

Medical research has been a major factor in the development of new treatments and cures for various diseases and conditions. In Miami, clinical research is progressing in multiple fields — especially in cases that involve the elderly. Of course, everything has its ups and downs, but modern safeguards ensure that risks and discomfort are minimized.

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Mouthguards: How It All Began

Mouthguards have always served the purpose of protecting your teeth in high impact sports, like boxing and football. As shares, mouthguards have been designed to absorb impact. Much like most inventions, the creation of this device is a result of necessity. Here’s a brief history on how mouthguards came to be. The Traditional Mouthguard

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What You Need to Know About Corrective Jaw Surgery

If you are having problems with your jaw or you are suffering from a facial injury, you might be advised to go through a corrective jaw surgery. Here are the things you need to know about this treatment procedure. What is it? Also referred to as orthognathic surgery, this procedure is done to correct irregularities of

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