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The 5 Most Nutritious Fishes to Add to Your Diet

Whether you’re on a diet or not, you need healthy sources of protein to supply your body with the raw material to build and repair tissues and manufacture vital enzymes, hormones, and other important substances. One of the best sources of protein is, of course, fish. Here are five fish species you may eat regularly

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Is Your Hair Falling Out? Here are Ways to Avoid Hair Loss

We want to have a good hair day every day. No wonder a lot of people spend a lot of hair care products and treatments. There are also luxury hair care products available in online stores. Regardless of where you purchase beauty products, these products should provide the results that you want to achieve. However, not all

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5 Possible Medical Solutions to Combat HIV

There exists no miracle cure for HIV. However, treatments like Truvada can control life-threatening HIV infection and allow people to live a healthy and happy life. Research indicates that the risk of kidney problems and renal failure increases among HIV positive patients taking Truvada drugs. The recent rise of Truvada kidney failure lawsuits has caused

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5 Effective Ways to Start a Day with a Productive Mindset

Have you ever looked up at a successful person wondering what keeps one going every day? Have you ever asked yourself what makes these people so high-achieving? The key to success in every endeavor is to be motivated and productive. In a perfect world, both productivity and motivation accompany us wherever we go and whatever

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Caring for a Spouse with an Autoimmune Disease

The National Institutes of Health reports that around 22 million individuals in the United States suffer from an autoimmune disease. This rare and silent epidemic is more prevalent in women, with them comprising 78% of the patient population. The most common types of autoimmune diseases that affect women in Las Vegas are thyroid problems, rheumatoid

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Helping Seniors Fight Depression

Many seniors are battling an invisible illness every day in the form of depression. Seniors that live alone can easily become lonely and isolated, especially if their mobility is limited. The simple act of social interaction can go a long way to help seniors to fight off depression. For many seniors, the depression that they

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sports injury

Common Injuries in Athletes and How To Prevent Them

Part of being an athlete is being exposed to injuries. Whether you’re a professional or you do it for fun, it’s life-saving to know your nearest orthopedic surgeon in Provo. Seeking a professional can help you distinguish one treatment from another and also know what must be done to help you go back to the

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Mouthguards in Sports: Why it’s an Important Piece

We are already used to seeing players wear mouthguards in various sports such as hockey and football. These devices give the mouth, especially the teeth, the utmost protection from different types of injury. Nowadays, you can also see it in basketball players. Some of them don’t wear it all the time, though. They only wear it

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Dental Hygiene and Health

Dental Hygiene and Health, How It Affects Our Overall Health

Our teeth may be one thing we take for granted. Not only does it make us look good when we smile, but it helps us when we eat too, though most of us do not take care of it better than we should. Oral health should always be one’s priority because it can also affect

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thinness obsession

Thinness Obsession: The Real Skinny on its Impact to Society

People are obsessed with thinness. Take a look around you. From advertisements to lifestyle, everything is about losing weight and not getting fat. While it is good for one’s health to be conscious of their body, things can also get out of hand when people take it to the extreme and start getting sick both

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