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How NGS Software Helps In Discovering Genetic Mutations

Genomic services such as gene synthesis and next-generation sequencing (NGS) have facilitated a paradigm shift in the world of clinical diagnostics. NGS refers to a collection of techniques that encompasses multiple sequencing reactions simultaneously, thus resulting in a massive influx of sequencing data. The Human Genome Project had determined approximately 3 billion base pair sequences

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muscle weakness

What is Sarcopenia (Muscles’ Weakness) And How to Cure It

Sarcopenia, generally known as muscle loss, is a very common health condition that affects 10% of people who’re over 50 years of age. Although it may decrease life span as well as the quality of life, there are steps you can take to avoid and even reverse your condition. However, some of the triggers of

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Soybean Industry: How It Is Being Used In The Healthcare Department

Soybean is a popular legume which is used in various forms, including direct beans, soy milk, soy sauce, and soybean oil. One of the most commonly used vegetable cooking oils, there is documented mention of the use of soybean oil in cooking from 2000 BC in China. Although soybean oil is used in oil paints

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Five Dangerous Pests You Can Find In Your Home

Pests are generally associated with different kinds of annoying bugs, but it can also be other living organisms like plants or even fungus, which are bothersome to humans, animals, and even human structures. Here, you will find information about the five most dangerous pests that can found and populate your home. Scorpions: these pests like

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7 Essential Nursing Skills Every Practitioner Must Have

If you’re working on becoming a nurse you’re most likely spending a lot of time working on developing your skills. School, clinical hours, and time spent studying is a very demanding and time-consuming part of your life as a student nurse. Becoming a nurse isn’t easy but if you’re passionate about being a nurse you’ll

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Too Much Collagen – Is it Possible?

It seems there’s always something that the nutritional community is raving about. One of the newer candidates for studies and experimenting is collagen. Collagen is an animal-derived protein made up of amino acids. It’s very beneficial for skin, joints, hair, nails, bones, and complexion. However, there is still some debate about whether you can take

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Vitamin patches: do they work?

If you’re looking to improve your health, you’ve probably already starting with the basics. A healthier lifestyle often involves weight loss, an active lifestyle, and a balanced diet with healthy fruits and vegetables and less fat. When done right and without any medical conditions, a person practicing this can remain physically fit and in good

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Myths Related to Hormone Replacement Therapy

The term menopause is used to point out the last menstrual period of a woman. However, the real description of being menopausal is when a female is not having a period for one year. The average menopause age is 51-55 years around the world, although, this can be stuck some women earlier. Women can start

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Know the 6 Reasons For Bacterial Infections

Bacteria are the omnipresent life-form of earth. They are everywhere on earth in water reservoirs, in deep earth and even on your body. According to an estimate from the scientists of the Georgia state university, there are around five million trillion bacteria on our planet, that 30 zeroes after five. Bacteria are single-cell organisms which

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