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Holistic Nursing: An Ultimate Guide For Beginners

Holistic nursing refers to a kind of nursing practice that focuses on treating an individual’s physical well-being as well as mental and spiritual health conditions. Holistic nurses treat the patients with eastern and western methods combinations and heal mind-body-spirit-emotion. These are board-certified registered nurses that work for dietary advice, therapeutic massage, breathwork, and meditation therapy.

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5 Things to Know Uses Protein to Repair Muscles

There are many myths and misconceptions about how one can increase muscle size. Some believe that lifting weights helps break down muscles – making them much bigger and stronger because of the repair process. But did you know that nutrition alone can increase muscle size and improve performance? Your diet can significantly affect your ability

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Female Fertility Issues: 5 Signs You Must Watch Out For

Female fertility is more common than ever these days. Lifestyle stress, environmental pollution, obesity, and genetic abnormalities are often responsible. At times, you may fail to conceive because you cross the fertile age. Even worse, some women suffer from unexplained fertility as nothing seems wrong with them. Whatever the reason, infertility is daunting. However, it

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Health Issues to Watch Out For as You Grow Old

In simple words, the golden years aren’t the same as they used to be. Thanks to a massive advancement in technology and medicine, the quality of life has improved. Earlier, people would die due to different health issues but now, they are having a major moment with impressive changes in nutrition. It is expected that

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FAQ on Ativan: How Long Does Ativan Last and Similar Questions

Anxiety is one of the most prevalent form of mental illness in the United States. According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, up to 40 million adults in the country, representing over 18 percent of the population, are living with some form of anxiety. Untreated, severe cases can be extremely debilitating, causing mental

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Nyquil: Its Side Effects, Composition and Period of Effectiveness

Nyquil is one of the most common medicinal substances in the country, used to treat the symptoms of mild cough, cold and allergies. You can probably find a bottle of Nyquil in every medicine cabinet, alongside bottles of expired melatonin and boxes of Band-Aid. It’s an over-the-counter medicine like aspirin or ketoconazole, which means you

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Separating Diabetes Fact from Fiction: Popular Diabetes Myths Busted

Diabetes is one of the most common diseases all over the world. As the disease becomes increasingly prevalent, the misconceptions and myths associated with it are also running rampant.  According to the latest figures by the World Health Organization (WHO), every tenth person in the United States of America has diabetes, whereas the global figure

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Don’t Let Crooked Nose be a Cause of Sinus Infections!

Every feature of yours depicts a thing about yourself. The facial features, if read perfectly, are the gateway to know about the physical health and personality of the person. According to a study, your forehead tells something about your life in the 20s, your eyes reveal things about your 30s, your nose tells a story

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What Are the Advantages of Alcohol and Drug Rehab?

Neworld Detox Centre is among the finest Toronto drug and alcohol rehab center. Different addiction rehabilitation treatment methods are offered by this Toronto Detox Center. Here you will be assisted by experts who have years of experience in addiction therapy. The Toronto detox center provides a complete treatment to overcome your problem of substance abuse.

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