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Oral Health: Busting Myths and Misconceptions

Taking care of one’s smile is important. Going beyond looking good, having healthy teeth and gums contributes to one’s overall well-being. No wonder why even experienced pediatric dentists always highlight the value of keeping good oral hygiene. However, National Center for Health Statistics shows that about 13.2% of children between ages 5 to 19 have

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Deviated Septum: What Is It, Diagnosis And Treatment Options

The nasal septum is cartilage (like a thin wall) in the nose that separates the nostrils. Generally, cartilage is placed in the center and divides the nostrils in equal proportion. However, in some cases, people have an uneven septum. Thus, one nostril is larger than the other. This condition can cause severe health conditions such

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Major Weight Loss; 4 Ways to Tighten Loose Skin

If you were overweight, you would surely know about the various risks that it carries. It can lead to heart problems, diabetes, and much more. It is really hard to lose weight, but that is not the only problem. Once you have lost quite a lot of weight, you might face issues such as sagging

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What are the Dental News in 2021?

The dental profession, like every other medical field, is constantly evolving, improving, and innovating. All of this is indeed for the betterment of dental care all over the world. Despite that, dentists face numerous challenges because their profession is constantly evolving and changing. Here are the biggest challenges that face dentistry nowadays. Let’s find out

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5 Reishi Benefits That You Should Know

Holistic healing is a trend as people look for natural remedies to counter disease and secure well-being. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is among the trusted and most widely used therapies today. The holistic approach relies on food and herbs to heal diseases and restore a state of balance. Chinese herbs have magical health benefits, and

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6 Risk Factors of Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s disease is a chronic & progressive nervous system illness that impacts your body movement. However, the rate at which disease affects varies from person to person. For instance, some patients experience serious symptoms at the initial stages while others may take years to feel the same. But what causes it? Herein, we are discussing

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Everything You Need to Know About Dayquil

Every flu season, millions of Americans head over to the nearest drugstore to stock up on Dayquil and Nyquil. These cold medicines are some of the most poplar over-the-counter medication in the country. Parents give their children Nyquil when they have a stuffy nose and fever whereas adults take Dayquil if they’re feeling poorly during

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The Banana Spider Myth: What’s Real and What’s Not

How do you feel about spiders? Odds are you find them upsetting, if not downright terrifying. Arachnophobia is one of the most common types of irrational fears out there. This fear isn’t probably helped by the fact that there are lots of myths involving spiders. There’s the popular “spider eggs contaminated the gum” to the

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Mental Health Myths You Need to Stop Believing

There’s a lot of myths and misconceptions surrounding mental health. It’s a relatively new field of discussion, as research for mental health goes only as far back as less than 200 years ago. There are still many baseless rumors and quackery concerning mental health, so here are some common misconceptions and why they should never

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What Are The Causes Of Lung Cancer Among Non-Smokers?

It is vital to know that not everyone who got lung cancer is due to smoking. In fact, according to the American Cancer Society (ACS), 20% of people who die of lung cancer in the US yearly have never smoked or even used any other type of tobacco in their lives. Moreover, lung cancer in

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