5 Therapeutic Chinese Herbs Worth Trying This Season


Holistic healing is a trend as people look for natural remedies to counter disease and secure well-being. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is among the trusted and most widely used therapies today. The holistic approach relies on food and herbs to heal diseases and restore a state of balance. Chinese herbs have magical health benefits, and they are safe and inexpensive, making them a better alternative to Western Medicine. There is a broad range of Chinese herbs to explore, and each has distinct properties and benefits. Let us pick the ones worth trying to achieve holistic wellness this season.


Ginseng is a potent herb that bears a close resemblance to the human body. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) reveres it for replenishing qi (vital energy) and curing a variety of diseases. Ginseng is an antioxidant, and it eliminates the free radicals from the body. The herb boosts the immune system, making it an excellent choice in pandemic times. You can use it as a supplement or brew tea to get a step closer to good health.


TCM uses the bark and branches of cinnamon in its medicinal concoctions. It enhances circulation and harmonizes the energy in the lower and upper parts of the body. Modern research studies validate the efficacy of the herb for increasing circulation and reducing allergic reactions. Traditional medicine uses cinnamon in the form of carminative teas and brews.

Reishi mushrooms

Reishi or Lingzhi are rare and precious mushrooms with powerful therapeutic properties. This Chinese remedy enhances immunity and promotes healthy aging. Reishi mushrooms also improve sleep naturally. They boost mental wellness by increasing focus and concentration. You can pick Vita Green Lingzhi supplements to avail of the magical remedy. Just pop a capsule or two every morning, and you can live healthier and longer.

Licorice root

Another Chinese herb you must not miss out on is licorice root. It is known to replenish vital energies and enhance digestive health. You can also try it to control flu, cough, and cold. TCM practitioners also recommend it for treating skin rashes and symptoms such as swelling, itching, and redness. Licorice root has a sweet flavor, so TCM herb tonics use it to ease bitterness and harmonize the harshness of other ingredients. Licorice tea is also a popular concoction you can brew at home.


A relatively common Chinese herb that almost everyone uses at home is ginger, but it has incredible therapeutic properties too.  Ginger improves digestion and neutralizes toxins in food. It enhances circulation and ventilates the lungs. Think beyond using ginger to add flavor to everyday dishes. You can use it in tea and chew ginger candies to counteract nausea and aid digestion.

Chinese herbs are easily available as food and supplements. You can add them to your daily diet and supplementation routine to get the best benefits they deliver. It makes sense to get a doctor’s recommendation before you start using a supplement. Also, stick with reputed brands that sell quality products for the best results.

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