Month: September 2018

Health Research for today’s consumers

For the Sake of Good Health, Trust Your Gut (Microbes) The human body is home to trillions of viruses, fungi, and bacteria. These micro-organisms (microbes, for short) are part of a system scientists and doctors call the “human microbiota,” otherwise known as the microbiome. The fact that microbes are grouped together, however, doesn’t mean that …

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Health Technology

Walking with Support: Understanding Prescription Orthotics   Almost everyone has experienced foot pain at some point in their lives. A 2014 study from the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) reported that eight out of 10 (77 percent) of Americans suffer from foot ailments. Since the feet bear much of the body’s weight, it’s no wonder people often …

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Homeopathic Medicine

Fact vs Fiction

 The Holistic Way to Worrying Less? Homeopathic Medicine as Treatment for Anxiety Homeopathy is a complementary medicine that offers a holistic alternative to treating illnesses. Based on the belief that the body can cure itself, this medical system uses small amounts of natural substances to stimulate the body’s healing process for certain health conditions. This …

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Personal Health

Article 1: Boost Before Workout: Do Pre-Workout Supplements Really Affect Your Performance?   Pre-workout supplements are a hot topic amongst fitness circles. Many of its believers swear by their energizing effects. So, you’ve probably heard a couple of friends or health buffs talk about taking special supplements before hitting the gym. You might even be …

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